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Dr. Michael Hoehle

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Dr. Michael Hoehle was born and raised in Kennedy Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up Dr. Hoehle played many sports, with ice hockey and football being the most competitive sports. After high school, Dr. Hoehle did coursework at the University of Pittsburgh. After completing undergraduate work, Dr. Hoehle enrolled In chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic where he played ice hockey and held multiple work study jobs including the America Reads Program and teaching assistant in multiple adjusting technique classes. Dr. Hoehle went to Vietnam for a Clinic Abroad Chiropractic mission trip before engaging in his preceptorship program in Palm Harbor, Florida. Dr. Hoehle then graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in October of 2006. After graduation Dr. Hoehle, moved back to Pittsburgh, PA where he practiced for two and a half years as an associate doctor in a large group practice. After leaving the group practice, he moved to Raleigh and opened Raleigh Chiropractic and Wellness.

Dr. Hoehle’s Chiropractic Treatment Style

Dr. Hoehle’s practice is very versatile and treats patients of all ages from newborns to grandparents. He also enjoys treating a wide variety of cases including, but not limited to: families, athletes, sprain strain injuries, extremity adjusting, various forms of myofascial release, instrument adjusting, nutritional consultations, motor vehicle accident victims, personal injury and workers compensation cases. He always has the patient’s best interest in mind and visualizes the assessment and treatment of each case individually. Dr. Hoehle also utilizes a very diverse style of treatment that he molds to the needs of each individual patient that enters into the office. In the office, there are many different adjunctive procedures designed to accelerate the patient’s maximal improvement in the shortest amount of time possible.